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Inspiring visit in Techne: a meeting with Georges Fontaines.

The 27/07/2016 to 09:59:28 News

On June 30th, Techne met, following the invitation of F-Cube company, some person eager to visit Techne in oder to enter inside a company Innovative, Responsible and Transparent. Return on this day rich in of exchanges and reflections.

Presentation of Techne Group’s core values by Georges Fontaines. 

Georges Fontaines has found company Techne in 1981 with a very simple idea: “to create a company for the happiness of people”, “to make a smart company in order to people feel at ease”. This is the origin of Techne company.

Today, Techne Group represents around 40 million euros of turnover for two main business activities: sealing and safety valves. The group is composed of 8 societies’ worldwide (factories in China and Milan Italy, sales office in Shanghai and Turkey and 4 implantations in France). The idea was to keep all these independent implantations, not only for commercial reasons but also for a human reason so as not to break the spirit present in the different entities of the group.

Since its beginning Techne experienced a positive growth which is still in a collective interest: “We do not buy companies to have fun but to find real jobs for people who share our values ​​and to create these jobs, we need growth! ".

You will find below the presentation which includes the elements developed by Georges Fontaines during this morning of exchanges:

Visit of factory in Techne, Morancé


Following the Group Techne’s presentation, the participants went to meet Techne’s team in Morancé. From production to shipments through the research department, sales department and other support departments, participants were able to discover the world of Techné while sharing with employees directly on their workstation.

Return on the exchange during the morning


The participants, all in all, appreciated the intervention of Georges Fontaines , his speech , personality and praised the coherence between his speech and operation observed in Techné:

"I learned some sentences from Georges Fontaines that seemed important to me," the management of why is very important to the understanding of how " but also the notion of trust and straight to failure because if we found to innovate we must to allow for straight to failure. Another thing from Georges Fontaines , the role of the leader is to " secure and dream ," this is very important because if there is not a leadership that knows where it wants to go, who has a vision and conviction, the company will never work properly .

“I feel that in Techné , everything is related to a common sense. Here, all the energy is in the service of strong convictions, we know why we do it and if it does not go in a logic of performance and improvement of well-being, then there is no subject and if yes then we go . "

"Do not forget that the primary purpose of a business is to make money, well not here in Techne. As Gorges Fontaines said, he created his company to make people happy. And therefore, economic performance and financial success becomes a consequence and not an end. "

Upon their arrival in Techne, all the participants were pleasantly surprised by the welcome that was reserved for them and the consistency of the approach taken by Techné :

" Georges Fontaines created his company by putting the employees at the center of the project and we could realize by visiting the workshop since talking to a few people, handlers and technicians , we realize that they have this vision of other departments , profitability and other main indicators of the company. This shows a sense of belonging where employees feel good in the company, and where they are making a part of all, from the operator to the management”.

“What pleased me is the consistency of the approach and of strategy. We feel that this is 35 years that this is in place and on each new brick they added, there were many questioned whether it was appropriate or not with the overall strategy and core values ​​, which provides a system with a real consistency. This explains the sense of pride that can exist among all employees. There is a good indicator for this: when you say hello to the employees, do they smile, are they ready to shake your hand right now? Well at Techné, when we drank a coffee this morning, all employees warmly welcomed us well, is to wonder if there is not a smile bonus! “

Participants also appreciated the way how information flows within Techné , in true transparency:

"Another interesting point is the internal communication on pay slips, the results of the company ... and especially how to present it : very simple but at the same time developed because it speaks to people ." "What I really liked about transparency information and equality: either Human Resources manager or operator, you have access to the same information. The former management "I have the information then I have power" has no place within Techné ".

"What really impressed me is the apparent simplicity of the system in place at Techné but as Einstein said, the simplification is the ultimate sophistication and I think it is a huge work behind this apparent simplification ".

In this way, the discovery of how and core values of Techne have highlighted some questions:

"What I noticed more than anything, relative to us is that our organizations have not been created in this way of operation and so you have to be vigilant about the change we will have to make in our organizations because themselves (Techne ) did not experience it as a change but were founded like that and must today maintain the system in place. So one can ask: how to process when we are one not born with a DNA like this one? ".

"From the first discussions with Georges Fontaines , everything is unexpected , new, different from what we know. From the coffee machine , people are smiling and pleasant. This brings a lot of questions because they are born with but when it comes from another system, how do we change evolved our business? What kind of flexibility we have? Up to what point we can go? … “

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