Surface Treatments

Surface Coatings


Easy installation, cleanliness, low friction, idenification, customisation, improved service life and sliding properties are just as important as the sealing itself. In these cases, Techné becomes the best partner with its surface treatmen workshop.



Techné T-surf® treatment guarantees seals free from any contaminating substances which could damage paint or electronic instruments.

They meet cleanliness and non contamination requirements of the electronic and automotive industry. The original properties of the material - machanical properties, alimentary, and certifications - are preserved.

T-surf® SW

A thorough cleaning (with water and special detergents) that removes all traces of impurity and greasy substances from treated parts. Mainly used in industria applications that requires and enhanced cleanliness.

T-surf® CRW

This treatment is performed in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom. It consists in removing all traces of impurity and greasy substances from treated parts. It is delivered with a specially adapted double packaging. It is mostly used in food related applications.

T-surf® UW

Ultra-sonic washing and packaging is performed in an ISO class 7 cleanroom. This treatment significantly improves the cleanliness of the product. It is widely used in the food and medical industires.

T-surf® L

This treatment is performed using an ion generator for an in depth decontamination of Techné's rubber parts. It is used on parts that are going to be painted or that will be used in electronic instruements.



A coloured coating is applied on the part. Before doing so, the surface of the part is activated to ensure a better binding. This coating allows a better identification of the seals while maintaining the original properties of the part.

The colour resists to dynamic and mechanical stress. Techné works with RAL and PANTONE colour charts. Try it!

T-color® PG

This is a colorable PTFE based surface treatment that forms a dry, yet slippery coating. The chosen colour will help for a quick visual identification.

The lubricating substances in the coating will ease the mounting of the seal. The T-color® PG also reduces the stick-slip effect. It is therefore perfect fo all dynamic applications.



This surface treatment eases the mounting of the parts for a small additional cost. The deposited lubrification agents are not physically linked with the material itself. After time, the treatment is less efficient. For all dynamic applications, chose a T-coat solution.

T-lub® SA

A transparent silicone oil based treatment. This USP Class VI alimentary treatment has a viscous and shiny appearance. This outstanding lubrification agent reduces the effort of assembly. It is exclusively used as a mounting help.

T-lub® M

A MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) based silver treatment. This treatment is dry and shinny. The solid particles on the surface of the part will considerably reduce mounting efforts.

This treatment performs well in high temperature and humid environments. The possible migration on the surface in contact also eliminates any sticking phenomenon.

T-surf® T

A pharmaceutical quality talc-based treatment.

Talc is an excellent separation agent that avoids parts stiking together. The talc particles fill the interstices of the parts providing a slippery and soft effect. Mainly used to help the assembly, it is an economical solution.

T-lub® GA

A transparent treatment made from PTFE particles.

A non-messy and slippery dry film is applied. It allows an easy mounting, thanks to its dry and clean lubrification. It is used as a mounting aid.



T-coat® are a half permanent or permanent lubricating coating.

These coatings are able to meet simple mounting requirements or high stress dynamic applications. The parts will keep al their initial properties but with a lower friction coefficient and a better wear resistance. The stick-slip effect no loger occurs.

As for the T-surf® surface treatment, the T-coat® meet non contamination regulations required in the automotive and electronic industry.

T-coat® PP

A transparent PTFE based surface treatment.

This half-permanent coating applied to the part is dry, dull and non-contaminating. It is perfect for production lines. It offers a quick mounting and avoids cuts and tearings. Half-permanent, it prevents sticking (stick-slip effect).

T-coat® PPA

A colourless PTFE-based treatment. This half-permanent coating forms a dry film which is non-contaminating and food compatible. It eases mounting thanks to a low friction coefficient. The anti-sticking agent also prevents from stick-slip effects.

T-coat® P

Transparent PTFE based treatment. This coating is dry and shiny.

Non polluting, it is ideal for automatic high speed mounting. It also prevents assembly defects thanks to the following properties:

  • High sliding properties
  • Small friction coefficient
  • Noise reduction

​The excellent link to the material itself ensures the coating's resistance to both mechanical and dynamic stress.

T-coat® PX

A black PTFE and graphite based treatment. This coating is dry, slightly grainy and dull.

The high-tech material used in for this treatment offers a remarkable wear resistance as well as an excellent friction coefficient. This treatment meets the simplest, as well as the strictest requirements:

  • No stick-slip effect
  • Noise reduction
  • Intense dynamic applications
  • Increase product life time
  • Energy saving.

T-coat® PA

A slightly white PTFE based treatment. This dry coating is recommended for food and drinking water applications.

The high quality particles used in the coating facilitates the assembly of the parts and reduces frictional forces. This coating prevents sticking and the stick-slip effects in food appliances.

This treatment is permanent and allows stress dynamic use. This coating us distinguished by its different certifications:

  • W270
  • ACS
  • WRAS
  • NSF
  • KTW
  • FDA

T-coat® PSN

A transparent PTFE/silicone/graphite based surface treatment. This coating is dry, smooth and shiny.

It can be used to help the mounting and also to prevent any stick-slip effects. It allows small and medium dynamic stress.

T-coat® S

A transparent silicone based coating. This treatment is dry, smooth, and shiny.

It is used to help mounting as well as to prevent stick-slip effects. It allows and intensive dynamic use.

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