Aerospace and railway

Since 1988, Créat, a subsidiary of Techné, has been specializing in the design, prototyping, and manufacturing of sealing products in the aerospace and transportation industries, particularly in railway transport. Créat produces O-rings and custom-shaped seals with high-quality materials and expertise.

It is these elements that allow Créat to meet the specific and demanding requirements of clients in the aerospace and space industries on a daily basis.

From design to comprehensive logistics management, Créat supports major railway manufacturers and operators throughout the development of their projects.


Depending on the shape and application of the seals, they are manufactured through injection or compression moulding techniques:

  • Molded parts according to drawing
  • O-rings in various dimensions and hardness grades
  • Bonded seals
  • X-rings that can replace O-rings for specific applications
  • Molded plates in different thicknesses
  • Metal + elastomer overmolded parts
  • Bellows
  • Membranes
  • Cut seals in various thicknesses for prototypes, small, medium, and large production runs
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