The Techné O-ring is known for its efficiency, simplicity and various applications. The O-ring is an endless, circular sealing element with a circular cross-section. It is mainly used to seal gasses or liquids, especially in static applications.

Techné O-rings are primarily used in mechanical systems for static sealing in gas and liquid environments. They are also used for dynamic sealing, whether in translation or rotation.

The manufacturing processes for O-rings vary depending on customer requirements. Depending on the quantity required, diameter, and chosen production site, Techné manufactures O-rings in its factories through injection or compression moulding, machining, or vulcanisation.

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Teché provides special O-rings:

  • Precision O-ring: O-ring with a diameter as from 0.4 mm with smaller manufacturing tolerances.
  • FEP encapsulated O-ring: O-ring with a silicone or FKM core with an FEP encapsulation, mainly used in static applications and appreciated for its chemical resistance and elasticity.

Techné also produces O-rings according to drawing.

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Main applications

The O-ring is a sealing element which, due to its simplicity and efficiency, is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Therefore, the O-ring can be found in many industrial sectors in specific applications:

  • Various industrial applications
  • Medical and pharmaceutical equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Food industry
  • Industrial fittings
  • Automotive engines
  • Hydraulic clutches



Techné provides a variety of materials for O-rings that serve different applications. The choice of the right material allows the O-ring to withstand, for example, high pressure, high speeds and extreme temperatures. Techné's engineering department will be pleased to advise you on the choice of the right material for your specific application.

Techné has O-rings of the following materials in stock in standard dimensions:

  • O-ring in ​​​​​NBR (nitrile)
  • O-ring in FKM (fluorelastomer)
  • O-ring in EPDM
  • O-ring in silicone (VMQ)
  • O-ring FKM/FKM core and FEP encapsulation
  • O-ring with silicone core and FEP encapsulation

On request, Techné also provides O-rings in other materials such as HNBR, FFKM, AEM, ACM and peroxide treated EPDM

Techné also provides CNC machined O-rings in PTFE or polyurethane (PU) within short delivery times.


Techné offers a stock range of O-rings with food approvals (FDA and EC 1935-2004) and drinking water (WRAS, ACS, CLP, UBA) that meet the technical requirements of specific markets and territories. Other certifications (BAM, DVGW Gas) are available upon request.


Techné provides surface coatings for different kind of seals such as O-rings. Every coating serves a specific purpose:

T-Surf® ensures the cleanliness of the O-rings and prevents contamination of the O-rings. At the same time, the original properties of the material are preserved.

Le T-Color® is a surface coating which services marketing or personalisation purposes by colouring the O-rings.

T-Lub® meets simple mounting requirements of the O-rings.

T-Coat® improves the natural sliding properties and service life of the O-rings.

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Techné’s O-rings are subject to strict quality acceptance criteria:

  • ISO norm 3601-1:2012 class B
  • ISO norm 3601-3 class N: corresponds to the quality if the O-rings regarding the cross section
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