Axial seals

The axial seal with types RB and 9RB, commonly known as the "axial seal", is an axial ring with an elastomer part and a protective steel reinforcement. 

This type of seal is designed to provide an initial seal in the event of moderate external pollution. It is available in diameters from 10 to 225 mm. 

Type 9RB features a reinforcement return on the outside diameter, for enhanced protection against heavy pollution (land or stone jets).

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The axial seal is mainly used in dusty, dirty environments, or for protection against splashing water. The axial seal withstands greater eccentricity and runout than a sealing ring. For speeds lower than 12m.s⁻¹ and pressureless applications, the RB seal can be used as the main seal. 

Above that, centrifugal force begins to lift the lip, which then acts only as a deflector. Up to 20 m/s and without pressure, the axial seal can still be used, but not as a main seal.

Materials and approvals

Depending on the operating temperature and chemical environment, Techné offers several materials for the RB seal:

  • Metal frame: steel + anti-corrosion treatment (standard) or 304 stainless steel (on request)
  • Elastomer part :Partie élastomère :
    • Axial seal in NBR (nitrile)
    • Axial seal in FKM (on request)


The RB and 9RB seals do not require axial fixing, as they snugly fit on the shaft to the required ISO h9 tolerance. Its roughness Rz must be between 1 and 5 μm, with a 20° chamfer at the edge.

The bearing surface or contact zone must have a roughness Rz between 1 and 5 μm.

Before fitting, the axial seal should be lightly greased and fitted with a sleeve incorporating a stop collar, in order to maintain the distance B between the ring and its seat.