TZ-T/TZ-A bushings


TZ bushings consist of a single structural bronze plate CuSn8P, serving both as a sliding layer and a support.

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TZ-T type strip

  • Perforated

​​​​​​​TZ-AS type strip

  • Spherical dimples

TZ-AL type strip

  • Diamond-shaped dimples




There is also the TZ-ALG bushing, which is made of bronze with graphite-filled diamond-shaped dimples. This bushing has the advantage of being resistant in dry applications where lubrication is challenging.


  • The lubricant reservoirs also allow for long maintenance intervals.


  • The TZ bushings are suitable for applications with high levels of contamination, thanks to the presence of holes or pockets that can contain pollutants. 
  • However, the holes or pockets must be lubricated with grease or oil when installing the TZ bushing into its housing."



Designed for robustness, the TZ bushing is suitable for low-speed applications with heavy loads, particularly for oscillating movements. It is commonly used in transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery, presses, and rolling mills, among others.