TA bushings

As a cost-saving alternative to TZ bushings, the TA bushing consists of only one layer - a structural layer made of steel. After shaping, the TA bushing is carbonitrided for excellent wear, abrasion and tear resistance.

The steel layer has both a sliding and a loading support function. It also provides thermal conductivity and dimensional stability to the bushing. To maintain good lubrication, the TA bushings can be supplied with holes or pockets.



Techné recommends the following mechanical characteristics for the use of TA bushings:




The different variants are linked to the different layer types.


  • Holes for an increased lubrication supply


  • Spherical pockets that are appropriate for oil lubrication


  • Diamond shaped pockets that are appropriate  for grease lubrication


  • TA bushings offer a good load capacity due to its steel layer.
  • The carbonitriding provides excellent wear, abrasion and tear resistance to bushing.
  • The bushings have excellent thermal stability in a wide range of temperatures (-70°C/+200°C).


  • TA bushings have to be used under lubrication. Regular lubrication should be provided to avoid premature wear.
  • TA bushings should not be used in contact with seawater due to the risk of corrosion.


Due to its robust structure, the TA bushings are suitable for high loads. They are particularly suitable for transport vehicles, presses, rolling mills and industrial applications.