Agricultural and construction machinery

Agricultural machinery and public works face extreme environments (water and mud spatters, contact with aggressive fluids, ...) and need to be robust to face hard climatic conditions (ultra violet rays, ozone, humidity, ...).

The quality of hydraulic seals and dedicated guides for agricultural and construction equipment is therefore essential.

For over 40 years, Techné has acquired strong expertise in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of hydraulic seals for agricultural and construction applications.

The combination of the hydraulic seal range (piston seals, rod seals, guiding, wipers, etc.) and the Techné range of bushings provides a comprehensive solution for the various demands of this sector.

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Hydraulic seals are used in many agricultural and public works applications. Techné hydraulic seals can be found in tractors, combine harvesters, seed drills, plows, sprayers, as well as in excavators, compactors, aerial work platforms, cranes, in steelmaking applications, or in shipbuilding.

The Techné engineering department will meet customer requirements and provide advice on the most suitable hydraulic sealing solution for a specific application. It determines the most suitable profile and material for the operating conditions: mechanical constraints, chemical and climatic environment, for example.


The range of Techné hydraulic seals ensures optimal operation of agricultural machinery and construction equipment.

  • Rod seals

Techné rod seals come in various profiles: composite CTSE seals, energized seals, and UN U-rings, for example. They are installed in hydraulic cylinders and ensure their proper operation under extreme conditions.

  • Piston seals

Techné piston seals have the same profiles as rod seals. The range is complemented by profiles specific to piston assemblies: compact and one-piece seals, for example.

  • Wipers

Techné hydraulic scrapers protect the internal mechanics of cylinders from external aggressions. They offer excellent resistance to wear resulting from scraping action. Their profiles are also optimized to retain oil inside hydraulic cylinders.

  • Guiding rings

Techné guiding rings are used to ensure proper alignment of the rod and piston inside a cylinder. They prevent metal-to-metal contact, thus facilitating piston movement within the tube.

In addition to its range of hydraulic seals, Techné offers O-rings, TBS seals, and anti-extrusion rings, commonly used in hydraulic sealing applications.

Techné bushing rings help reduce friction and wear, facilitate rotational, oscillating, and translational movements of a shaft within its housing. The Techné bushing range is produced from materials offering good frictional properties: bronze, graphite, steel, PTFE, etc. The bushings can be used dry (then called self-lubricating) or with the addition of grease or oil. 

The sliding range consists of 5 types of bushing rings :

  • Cylindrical roller bushings
  • Flanged roller bushings
  • Sintered cylindrical bushings
  • Flanged sintered bushings
  • Polymer bushings
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Many materials are used for manufacturing hydraulic seals. They must meet the specific characteristics of operating environments. Agricultural and construction machinery operate in environments where external aggressions can damage the seals (presence of mud, water, sand, gravel, etc.).

Materials must also be resistant to climatic conditions when the seals are not adequately protected: UV rays, ozone presence, humidity, etc.).

Techné hydraulic seals are available in several materials:

  • NBR hydraulic seals
  • FKM hydraulic seals
  • TPU hydraulic seals
  • Charged PTFE hydraulic seals 
  • POM hydraulic seals
  • Phenolic resin guiding