Engines and gearboxes

Motors and gear motors transforms thermal energy into mechanical energy. They are sometimes used under extreme conditions and must comply with the prescribed limits regarding CO₂ emissions. Therefore, sealing solutions for power generators such as agricultural machinery, construction equipment, ships and other commercial vehicles must be efficient and reliable to ensure good mechanical properties over the duration of use.

Techné has acquired more than 40 years of experience in the development and production of sealing solutions for motors and motor gears and has now a strong expertise in this sector.

Techné's engineering office accompanies customers in the mechanical engineering sector in selecting a suitable sealing solution. The seals used in motors and gear motors are often subject to extreme mechanical, chemical and climatic conditions and the selection of the right profile and material is therefore essential.

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Fields of application and products

There are numerous applications for internal combustion engines or electric motors. Combustion and electric motors are used in transport vehicles (cars, trucks, trains, ships), in motorised tools (drills, lawnmowers, chainsaws), in household appliances (washing machines and kitchen machines) or in stationary equipment such as lifts, cable cars or industrial pumps.

Techné offers the following seals for motors and gear motors:

  • O-rings
  • V-rings
  • Oil seals
  • Axial seals
  • Cut gaskets
  • Moulded parts

Techné's engineering office stays at disposal for specific enquiries.

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NBR (nitrile rubber) is the most widely used elastomer material in sealing technology thanks to its excellent oil resistance, good mechanical properties and competitive price.
It is therefore used for mechanical applications, engines and gear motors.

Techné also offers a range of specific nitrile elastomer materials:

  • NBR with improved abrasion resistance
  • NBR with ozone resistance
  • NBR for low temperatures (-40 °C to -55 °C)

FPM (fluoroelastomer) is the reference elastomer used for high temperatures and for an application with aggressive chemicals.

Advantages of FPM:

  • Resistance to UV radiation, ozone and external influences
  • Very good compatibility with oils and fuels
  • Special FPM material compounds for applications with water vapour, biodiesel and LPG (liquid petroleum gas)

For additional information on the materials (special material compounds or applications) or for material data sheets, the Techné engineering office at the disposal of its customers.

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Surface coatings

The surface coatings offered are recommended for both static and dynamic applications and provide a solution to a wide range of problems: Improving the sliding properties of seals, more efficient installation, identification, safety and customising.

  • T-Coat® is a permanent or semi-permanent surface coating for dynamic applications that improves the natural sliding properties and service life of the seals. The seals keep their original properties.
  • The T-Surf® surface coating ensures the cleanliness of the seals and prevents contamination. The original seal properties are maintained.
  • The T-Color® surface coating is used for customising purposes and improves the sliding properties of the seals.