SMS seals

The SMS Techné seal complies with the SMS 1149 standard and can only be installed in fittings complying with the SMS 1146/1147 standard (for an 1145 tube).

There are two SMS seal profiles: the R-type SMS seal has a rectangular cross-section, while the L-type SMS seal is flanged. After careful study, Techné can manufacture SMS seals with non-standard dimensions and in other materials.

The SMS R or L section fitting seal is mainly used in the food industry.

A complete fitting consists of a threaded nose, a connector tube, a nut and an SMS R or L seal.

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Materials and approvals

SMS R or SMS L seals are available in elastomers (EPDM, FKM, MVQ and NBR) and PTFE.

For its standard ranges, Techné supplies SMS seals in various elastomers and thermoplastics:

  • NBR black
  • EPDM peroxide black
  • MVQ peroxide translucent
  • FKM black
  • PTFE white

Other materials are available on request, to meet specific needs:

  • Metal detectable elastomers
  • NBR blue
  • Other materials on request

Techné compounds are developed in compliance with the regulatory requirements in force in many countries. Depending on the mix and color, the following approvals are available:

Food approvals:

  • FDA
  • CE 1935/2004
  • GB 4806.11 / GB 9685
  • BNIC / Cognac
  • 3A


  • FDA
  • USP VI

Drinking water industry:

  • ACS
  • UBA / W270
  • WRAS