Bushings as per drawing

Techné's wrapped bushings are defined by ISO 3547-1:2006 standard. However, for specific applications, Techné produces non-standard bushings, especially in terms of dimensions and tolerances.

Applications such as in the automotive industry, require specific standards with enhanced quality control. Leveraging its experience, Techné meets customers’ requirements by providing certificates and submission records related to the control and traceability of its products.


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Techné complies with specific requests regarding bushing materials. It is possible to improve bearing lifespan by developing materials specific to each application.

For custom bushings, Techné offers the following materials:

  • Wrapped bushings: TU, TUB, TX, TI, TY, TZ. The standard thicknesses of the bushings, as well as the thicknesses of the different layers (TU, TX, and TY) can be adapted to meet the customer's application requirements
  • Machined bushes: steel, treated steel, bronze alloys, bronze-aluminium, bronze with solid lubricant pads (TBL)

Lubrication grooves

When a bushing is used with oil or grease, it is sometimes recommended to machine lubrication grooves to ensure proper lubricant distribution and facilitate the removal of wear debris from the sliding surface. 

The grooves are defined by DIN ISO 12128:1998 standard and Techné's specifications. There are a total of nine grooves, and some can be combined (e.g., groove type E with groove type L). 

Machining a specific groove is also possible, subject to prior validation by Techné's engineering department.

Type C


Non-through longitudinal groove

Applicable to TX, TY, TZ, and TA

Type G


Through longitudinal groove opposite to the insertion direction

Applicable to TX, TY, TZ, and TA

Type H


Through longitudinal groove in the insertion direction

Applicable to TX, TY, TZ, and TA

Type J


Through longitudinal groove

Applicable to TU, TX, TY, TZ, and TA

Type E


Circumferential groove

Applicable to TX, TY, TZ, and TA

Type N


Oval groove

Applicable to TY, TZ, and TA

Type K


Right-handed helical groove

Applicable to TY, TZ, and TA

Type L


Left-handed helical groove

Applicable to TY, TZ, and TA

Type M


Octagonal groove

Applicable to TY, TZ, and TA

Grease holes

The presence or absence of a grease hole, its diameter, and its positioning on the bushing can also be customized. The adapted standard bushing will be accompanied by a specific plan validated by the requesting customer.

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Bushings with integrated seals

For demanding applications that are highly exposed to external contaminants (e.g., forestry or quarrying equipment), Techné offers sealed bushings with one or two thermoplastic scraper seals at the ends, according to the customer's needs. This solution provides three advantages:

  • Retention of grease inside the bushing during operation
  • Protection against external contaminants (debris, dust, etc.)
  • Increased lifespan of the shaft

Puzzle locks

The manufacturing process of wrapped bushings involves the presence of a slot. This slot disappears when the bushing is assembled edge-to-edge in its bore. However, some applications require the bushing to be pre-compressed during installation (e.g., for thicker bushings). In such cases, a puzzle-shaped lock can be created.

Shapes, colors, and markings

In addition to cylindrical bushings and their usual variations (washers, plates, flanged bushings), Techné produces sliding components with specific shapes, such as half-shells and flat or formed wear parts.

To enhance the visual identity of a bushing, the coating colour (primarily for TX rings) can be customized. Additionally, a marking that includes a customer's logo or product reference can be added. This operation requires a significant quantity of parts.