Surface coatings

Easy assembly, cleanliness, improved sliding and lifespan of parts, reduced assembly efforts, identification and customization of seals: beyond sealing, other questions may arise to evolve a system.

Thanks to its coating workshop, Techné is a preferred partner to address these questions.

Techné's range of coatingss includes 4 types of coatings:

The T-Color® coating meets marketing or identification needs as well as optical recognition (automatic assembly). It involves depositing a colored coating on the part after activating its surface for better adhesion, while retaining the material's initial properties. The T-Color®coating also improves friction properties. Furthermore, the color withstands mechanical and dynamic stresses. Techné works according to RAL and PANTONE color charts.

The T-Surf® coating meets cleanliness and non-contamination requirements for seals used in the electronics, pneumatic, or automotive industry. It ensures seals free from any contaminating substances that could damage paints or electronic instruments. The original properties of the material such as mechanical properties, food compatibility, and approvals are preserved.

The T-Coat® coating involves depositing a semi-permanent or permanent lubricating coating on the seal's surface, thus addressing simple assembly constraints up to dynamic or even severe applications. The part retains all its initial properties but with a reduced friction coefficient and improved abrasion resistance. The stick-slip effect is also eliminated. As with T-Surf® coatings, the T-Coat® coating production process meets non-contamination requirements for silicone in the automotive and electronics industries.

The T-Lub® coating with tribological function facilitates the assembly of parts for a minimal additional cost. The deposited lubricating agents do not have physical bonds with the substrate. Efficiency decreases as operation continues. For dynamic applications, T-Coat® solutions are preferred.

Traitements T-Surf®

T-Surf® SW
The T-Surf® SW coating is a deep cleaning process (using water and specific detergents) that removes all traces of impurities and oily substances from the treated parts. This coating is mainly used for industrial applications that require increased cleanliness.

T-Surf® CRW
The T-Surf® CRW coating, carried out in a ISO 7 clean room, involves a thorough cleaning process (using water and specific detergents) that removes all traces of impurities and oily substances from the treated parts. It includes suitable conditioning (double bagging).
It is primarily suitable for food applications.

T-Surf® UW
The UW washing and conditioning coating of T-Surf® UW are conducted in an ISO 7 clean room. This coating significantly enhances the cleanliness of Techné products. It is used for food and medical applications.

T-Surf® L
The T-Surf® L coating is performed using an ion generator, deeply decontaminating Techné elastomeric parts. It is employed on products intended for painting or inclusion in electronic instruments.



T-Color® PG
T-Color® PG is a colorable coating based on PTFE, forming a dry and slick coating. The chosen color provides quick visual identification. Lubricating elements in the coating ease the assembly of seals. T-Color® PG offers an anti stick-slip effect. It is suitable for dynamic applications.


T-Lub® SA
The transparent T-Lub® SA coating is based on silicone oil. This food-grade, USP VI coating has a viscous and shiny appearance. An outstanding lubricating agent, it significantly reduces assembly efforts. It is exclusively used as an assembly aid.


T-Lub® M
M T-Lub® M is a silver coating based on molybdenum disulfide - MoS2. This coating is dry and shiny. Solid particles with high tribological quality reduce assembly efforts. It performs well in humid and high-temperature environments. Potential migration onto contacting surfaces also eliminates sticking phenomena (anti-stick).


T-Lub® T
T-Lub® T coating is a white coating based on pharmaceutical-grade talc. A pioneer in elastomer coatingss, talc is an excellent releasing agent, preventing part amalgamation. Talc particles fill part gaps, providing a smooth and slippery effect. Mainly used for assembly aid, it offers an economical solution.


T-Lub® GA
T-Lub® GA is a transparent coating with satin reflections, primarily composed of PTFE particles. This coating deposits a dry, food-safe, non-staining, and slick film. It enables effortless and smooth assembly, resembling dry and non-polluting grease. It is primarily used as an assembly aid.


T-Coat® PP
T-Coat® PP is a transparent coating based on PTFE. The semi-permanent coating on the part is dry, matte, and non-contaminating. Ideal for high-volume part assembly lines, it offers quick assembly, limits cuts and tears. Being semi-permanent, T-Coat® PP prevents sticking (anti-stick) and jerky movements (stick-slip).

T-Coat® PPA
T-Coat® PPA is a colorless coating based on PTFE. This semi-permanent coating forms a dry, food-safe, and non-contaminating film. It facilitates assembly aid with a low friction coefficient. The anti-adherent (anti-stick) agent also guards against stick-slip effects.


T-Coat® P
T-Coat® P is a transparent PTFE-based coating. It is dry and shiny. Non-polluting, it's ideal for high-frequency automatic assemblies. It prevents assembly defects. Its qualities include:

  • High lubricity
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Noise reduction
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate for mechanical and dynamic stresses.

T-Coat® PA
T-Coat® PA is a slightly white coating based on PTFE. It's a dry coating recommended for agri-food and drinking water applications. The high-quality particles in the coating ease assembly and reduce friction forces. T-Coat® PA coating is recommended against sticking (anti-stick) and stick-slip effects in food environments. It's permanent and suitable for low-stress dynamic uses. It's notable for its certifications for drinking water and food contact: W270, ACS, WRAS, NSF, KTW-BWGL ? DIN EN 16421, CE-1935/2004, and FDA.

T-Coat® PSN
T-Coat® PSN is a transparent silicone-based coating. This coating is dry, smooth, and shiny. It's used both for assembly aid and against stick-slip effects. It allows low to medium dynamic uses.

T-Coat® PX
T-Coat® PX is a black coating based on PTFE and graphite. It is dry, slightly granular to the touch, and matte. The advanced materials it's composed of provide remarkable wear resistance and an excellent friction coefficient. This coating meets simple to severe requirements:

  • Anti stick-slip effect
  • Anti-noise
  • Intensive dynamic applications
  • Extended seal lifespan
  • Energy-saving

T-Coat® SPH
T-Coat® SPH is a silicone based coating. This coating is dry, smooth and mat. It can be used to help the mounting and to prevent any slick-slip effect. It allows small and medium dynamic stress. This coating has been developed for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

T-Coat® LN
T-Coat® LN is a PPXn based translucent coating. This coating is dry, smooth and mat. It can be used to help the mounting and to prevent any slick-slip effect. It allows small and medium dynamic stress.