Medical and pharmaceutical equipment

In the medical and pharmaceutical industry, customers’ health and thus the associated standards and customer requirements are becoming increasingly important. The hygienic, mechanical and chemical properties of the seals used in the medical and pharmaceutical industry are controlled throughout the entire production and supply chain.

Techné uses its expertise and production capacity in order to offer its customers a wide range of materials with multiple approvals that meet the requirements in terms of material quality and diversity of approvals. This expertise has for example been used for the development of material compounds for the cosmetics industry.

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Fields of application

Techné offers customised sealing solutions for a wide range of applications in medical and pharmaceutical technology:

  • Medical valves
  • Syringes
  • Mixers for chemical products
  • Medical instruments and medical furniture
  • Stainless steel fittings


Techné's product range is designed to meet the requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industries and includes the following seals:

  • O-ring according to ISO 3601-1/3 and custom-made
  • Aseptic seal according to DIN 32676, ISO 1127, SMS ISO 2852 and BS OD/BS4825-3​​​​​​
    • Tri clamp seal type A and B
    • PTFE enveloped tri clamp seal type A and B
    • D-ring/milk coupling seal (MVR) and flanged D-ring seal (MVR) according to DIN 11851
    • SMS R seal and SMS L seal
    • Aseptic O-ring
  • Moulded part according to drawing
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Materials and approvals

Techné develops special material compounds with numerous approvals for medical and pharmaceutical applications which comply with national and international regulations:

Techné offers a range of seals for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors produced with specific blends and various certifications:

  • Silicone (VMQ), platinum-cured silicone (VMQ)
  • FPM, metal detectable FPM
  • FFPM
  • EPDM, peroxid-cured EPDM, metal detectable EPDM
  • NBR
  • PTFE, metal detectable PTFE

Production, control and property

Techné can also produce, wash and pack the seals in the clean room.

For light material compounds Techné can clean and pack the seals in a cleanroom according to ISO Class 8 and for standard compounds, there is a greyroom.

Techné also offers the possibility of cleaning and packaging parts in a cleanroom for clear blends or in a gray room for standard blends.

Techné also has automatic control equipment. Various devices are used in order to measure the cleanliness of the seals. In specific cases, Techné also works with external control laboratories.

Surface coatings

Techné has developed several surface coatings with special approvals which comply with the material requirements and parallely improve the mechanical properties (reduced assembly and mounting effort, better gliding properties) of the seals.

  • FDA and CE 1935/2004

  • Food industry: FDA, CE 1935/2004, NSF H1
  • Drinking water: UBA, W270, WRAS

  • FDA, USP VI and ISO 10993

  • USP Class VI