Water and gas

The seals used in water and gas meters must meet certain requirements with regard to the following aspects:

  • very precise measuring accuracy
  • high reliability of the materials
  • long service life of the components
  • compliance with national and international regulations

In addition to the requirements for the measuring devices used in water and gas meters, seals for drinking water and gas fittings must also have special mechanical and chemical properties. When selecting the appropriate material compound for the seals, the compression set (ASTM D395) as well as the temperature and steam resistance must be taken into account. For gas meters, special approvals are required for an application with gas as well as with regard to porosity.

Techné offers seals for water and gas meters in a wide range of materials and with approvals that meet the requirements mentioned above.

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Applications principales et produits

Techné offers a range of products for drinking water and gas applications, manufactured either by injection moulding or compression moulding:

  • Complete gas seal kits for safety valves
  • Valve seals in NBR approved EN 549 and EN 682 for gas pipelines, gas connections and the transport of liquid hydrocarbons
  • Moulded parts according to drawing 
  • O-rings
  • Cut gaskets
  • Membrane seals
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Materials and approvals

Techné offers a large range of approved materials for drinking water and gas applications that is constantly evolving:

Drinking water

  • NBR (nitrile rubber): CLP, NSF 61, TGM, UBA, W270 and WRAS
  • EPDM: ACS, CLP, EN 681-1, NSF 61, WRAS, W534, W270, TGM and UBA
  • Silicone (VMQ): ACS, AS/NZ S 4020, WRAS, W270 and UBA
  • PTFE: ACS, NS 61, WRAS and W270


  • NBR (nitrile rubber): EN 549 and EN 682
  • HNBR: EN 549 and EN 682
  • Silicone (VMQ): EN 549
  • FPM (fluoroelastomer): EN 549

For drinking water and gas applications, the materials of the seals must comply with the applicable national, European and international regulations as specific approvals are required depending on the application.

Drinking water

  • France :
    • CLP (for outer diameter < 63 mm)
    • ACS (for outer diameter > 63 mm)
  • United Kingdom: WRAS
  • Germany: W270, W534, UBA (soon also KTW-BWGL)
  • USA & Canada: NSF 61
  • Australia & New Zeeland: AS/NZS 4020
  • EN 681-1: approval for water pipes (approval applies to cold drinking water and hot (drinking) water)


  • European market:
    • EN 549: European standard relating to material requirements in the production of seals and membrane seals for gas applications.
    • EN 682: European standard setting the material specifications for sealing accessories, pipeline seals and fittings that transport gas and hydrocarbon liquids
    • NORSOK M710: standard developed by the Norwegian oil industry for non-metallic sealing components, frequently used standard in subsea applications

Surface coatings

At its main plant in Morancé (France), Techné has a department for surface coatings. A especially developed surface coating applies to drinking water. The T-Coat® PA coating facilitates installation, prevents the seals from sticking (anti-stick effect) and the stick-slip effect. It is a permanent coating for dynamic applications.

The surface coating T-Coat® PA has a large number of approvals: W270, WRAS, NSF H1, UBA, FDA and CE 1935/2004.