Aseptic O-rings


The aseptic O-ring is a simple sealing element without a retention zone. It is mounted according to DIN 11864-1 v.11.2008.

DIN 11864 was developed for stainless steel valves used in aseptic environments in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The dimensions of the aseptic O-rings also meet the tolerance standard ISO 3601:1.

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The aseptic O-ring is used in the pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and food markets, these industries require high technical and quality requirements, especially for the fittings.

In addition to high material quality, they must not allow any retention. They have surfaces that are easy to clean and are correct sealing element for sterilization.

Materials and approvals

Techné has aseptic O-rings in stock in EPDM, FKM, PTFE and FEP encapsulated FKM.

Techné manufactures or molds aseptic O-rings on request if they are not available as standard.

The aseptic O-rings are provided with the same approvals as the Techné aseptic range, namely: FDA, CE 1935/2004, USP VI minimum.