In pneumatic applications that combine high linear speed, miniaturization, effective sealing, and intensive use, Techné provides seals with good slip coefficient, high resistance to abrasion, and innovative profiles. 

A ISO TS 16949 certified facility, advanced quality control tools, and an experienced technical team give Techné all the resources to support its customers' developments.

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Main applications and products

Techné seals are used in various pneumatic applications, including:

  • Differential distributor housing seals with retaining lugs
  • ZOP seals for high-speed and minimal footprint applications
  • Precision lip seals with guaranteed smooth edges

Techné offers comprehensive sealing solutions for pneumatic cylinders:

  • O-rings
  • X-rings
  • Scraper seals
  • Composite piston seals
  • Composite rod seals
  • Custom molded parts

The materials used include elastomers (such as NBR, HNBR, FKM), polyurethane (PU), and PTFE.

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Inspection through automated sorting machine

Upon customer request, Techné conducts 100% inspection and sorting for both rotational and shaped parts, ensuring top-tier quality commitments with ppm-level quality assurance. 

This inspection is applicable for parts with the following dimensions:

  • Minimum outer diameter of 5 mm
  • Maximum outer diameter of 55 mm
  • Minimum height of 1 mm
  • Maximum height of 8 mm

Specific packaging

To prevent deformation, Techné offers specialized packaging options, including:

  • Air-filled pouches
  • Use of intercalating materials tailored for the seals
  • Thermoformed PVC or PET plates shaped to fit the seals
  • Other custom packaging options available on request

For applications demanding high cleanliness standards, Techné packages parts within a cleanroom environment, utilizing a double-bagging process.

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At its coating department in Morancé, Techné provides seal coatings to enhance the seals' characteristics:

  • T-Lub® facilitates seal installation in static applications.
  • Permanent or semi-permanent T-Coat® improves natural slip properties and extends seal lifespan in dynamic applications, maintaining the seal's original qualities.
  • T-Surf® ensures cleanliness and non-contamination of seals while preserving the original material properties.
  • T-Color® addresses customisation needs and also enhances friction properties.