Profile seals DIN 3869


The profile seal Techné DIN 3869, also known as a connection seal, has a simple shape that allows for quick and easy assembly. Unlike an O-ring, the profile seal DIN 3869 does not twist in its groove and does not deform, even under pressure.

Its dimensions comply with the DIN 3869 and DIN 3852 standards for groove and thread dimensions, as well as the European standards ISO 9974-2:2000 and ISO 1179-2:2008. The JR fitting seal can withstand pressures up to 600 bar.

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Main applications


The profile seals DIN 3869  is used in hydraulic connections and plugs. Its applications are wide-ranging and include connections for agricultural machinery, construction equipment, heavy-duty vehicles, automobiles, and more.



  • NBR 85±5 IRHD (black)
  • FKM 80±5 IRHD (green)
  • EPDM 85±5 IRHD (purple)

Techné can provide other materials on demand (HNBR, FFKM, compounds with food or drinking water approvals, low-temperature NBR compounds, etc.). Specific dimensions can be achieved through machining.


To reduce assembly efforts and improve production line efficiency, Techné offers surface coatings tailored to the profile seal. 

Techné provides several types of coatings at its workshop in Morancé, each serving a specific purpose. The following coatings are offered for rofile seals DIN 3869:

T-Lub® treatment reduces the assembly efforts for our profile seal. It is used for static applications.

Permanent or semi-permanent T-Coat® treatment enhances the sliding properties and lifespan of profile seal. It is used for automated assembly. The initial properties of the JR Fitting seal are preserved.

T-Surf® treatment provides optimal cleanliness for applications requiring a LABS-free quality (thoroughly degreased Fitting seals).

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