Rubber parts

Techné's engineering department participates in the design of custom seals that meet the specific needs and applications of clients. From validating a seal design to fully developing a custom seal based on defined specifications, the scope of work is extensive.

During the development of a custom seal, Techné offers a specific process that can include multiple stages:

  • Selection of materials based on client requirements
  • Definition of the shape, appropriate surface roughness, dimensions, and tolerances of the custom seal by the engineering department
  • Numerical simulation using finite element analysis
  • Final drawing elaboration
  • Prototype tool manufacturing
  • Design and fabrication of the testing bench
  • Endurance testing in various fluids
  • Validation of prototypes and initiation of serial production


For the manufacturing of its custom seals, Techné offers different production processes depending on project specifications:

  • For large-scale production, moulding (either by injection or compression) provides high production capacity.
  • Compression moulding is preferred for parts requiring high precision. It is suitable for small, medium, and large production runs.
  • Créat, a subsidiary of the Techné Group specialized in French-made seals, also manufactures custom parts in a wide range of blends (materials approved for the aerospace sector, FFKM, food-grade blends, USP Class VI blends, etc.).


Techné develops its own blends upon customers' requests to address specific challenges. These materials can then be certified: food-grade, medical-grade, potable water, etc.


Techné coatings consist of a solid lubricant that is durably deposited on the surface of the custom seal. These lubricants aim at improving the sliding properties of the sealing joint. They can be based on PTFE, silicone, graphite, and other materials. 

Techné coatings on the sealing lip of rotary seals reduce friction between the seal and the shaft, thus preventing premature shaft wear. They are particularly effective in high-speed rotary applications. 

Coatings are offered according to customer specifications. Compounds approved for food applications are also available. For more information on coatings, please refer to the Techné Rubber Seals catalog.

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Customized packaging

To prevent deformation of custom seals during transportation, Techné offers personalized packaging that meets the encountered constraints:

  • Air-filled bags
  • Thermoformed PVC support forms
  • Other solutions depending on the specific part


Techné offers the level of quality required by its customers' applications: Cpk, PPM, specific tolerances, 100% automatic inspection are some examples of constraints considered by Techné's engineering department during customer developments.

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