Sustainable development

Techné is committed to an ambitious sustainable development strategy that includes a range of concrete actions to achieve its environmental and social objectives.

Employees’ well-being
The company's salary policy requires the responsibility of all employees and rewards them according to the performance of the company. Techné is committed to improving the quality of life of its employees by ensuring optimal working conditions and a work-life balance thanks to the 23 days of working time reduction (RTT).

Equality of opportunity
Since its creation, Techné has also promoted equality for all, without distinction, in terms of salaries, career development and recruitment. This comittment is reflected by the company’s  gender equality index of 86/100 in 2022. At Techné, only rofessional skills and human qualities are taken into account at Techné.

Alliance of youth and experience
Techné relies on young people with an increasing number of work-study programmes and internships supervised by experienced employees within the teams. Techné has established good partnerships with local education centres and schools in order to integrate students who will be able to develop within Techné.

Eco-responsible development

Techné is also committed to protecting the environment by taking concrete steps to reduce its carbon footprint:

  • Electric car terminals
  • Solar panels on the new building at its head office in Morancé
  • Eco-responsible infrastructures to promote green energy consumption
  • Treatment of used water


Techné has implemented concrete actions in order to reduce its energy consumption and in 2022 carried out its first carbon assessment. Between 2022 and 2023, we decreased our electricity consumption by 12 % and recorded an 8.5 % reduction in our carbon emissions (scopes 1 & 2). These results are based on the same level of activity.

Techné Group also strives to limit waste and wastage by adopting eco-responsible practices and encouraging recovery and recycling.

The company favours French production and Made in Europe consumption to encourage the local economy and reduce its carbon footprint.
Techné Groupe follows an ambitious sustainable development strategy by taking into account environmental and social aspects, promoting adequate working conditions, investing locally and committing to the protection of the environment.