Food processing valves

The food industry is subject to numerous requirements, standards and controls.  Reconciling product quality and compliance with standards and regulations is a challenge for many companies.

Sealing solutions in the food industry must therefore fulfil their sealing function and at the same time be resistant to cleaning chemicals, temperature and steam. When producing seals for the food industry, many ingredients are completely banned and migration limits are constantly decreasing. Therefore, it is more and more complex to find suitable material compounds that comply with the standards applicable to each economic area.

For more than 40 years, Techné has gained a strong expertise in the design and production of seals specifically developed for the food industry.

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Fields of application

There are various applications in the food industry are numerous and diverse. Techné seals are used along the entire production chain: seals for stainless steel pipe connections, pump seals, valve seals, container seals, fitting seals.

In addition to the applications relating to production processes (processing, transport and packaging of food), Techné food seals can be found both in the industrial sector (machines such as mixers, grinders, kneading machines) and in private households (kitchen machines, coffee machines, washing machines).


The wide range of standard and specific seals for the food industry seals reflects the diversity of the food industry. Techné's product range includes the following aseptic seals:

  • Tri clamp gaskets and enveloped tri clamp gaskets
  • D-rings/milk coupling seals (MVR) and flanged D-rings/milk coupling seals (MVR)
  • SMS L seals and SMS R seals

Oil seals, V seals and O-rings as well as moulded parts which are developed and produced in Techné’s own production plant complement this range of products.

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Materials and approvals

The food industry is a sector in which the cleanliness and quality of the materials used in the production chain are crucial. These must meet numerous hygiene standards while maintaining their sealing and mechanical properties.

Techné offers seals in various materials:

  • Seals in EPDM with FDA approval
  • Seals in FKM with FDA approval
  • Seals in Silikon (VMQ) with FDA approval
  • Seals in PTFE with FDA approval
  • Seals in NBR with FDA approval

The Techné engineers for materials develop specific material compounds that meet the customers’ requirements and are approved for the food industry.

Techné seals are designed for a long-lasting contact with food. They therefore meet strict standards and health regulations to prevent the transfer of harmful ingredients into the food. Consumer safety comes first.

Techné offers seals for the food industry that are tested and comply with the relevant approvals for the economic area:

  • FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), NSF 51 and 3A for the USA
  • CE 1935/2004 for Europe
  • GB4806 and GB9685 for China
  • BNIC for the production of cognac and spirits

Surface coatings

Techné has a surface coating departments at its main plant in Morancé (France).

The T-Coat® surface coatings provide a solution to many of the problems customers face with regard to slippage during the mounting and use of food seals. 

Two of the surface coatings proposed by Techné are approved for the food industry:

  • T-Coat® PPA surface coating is FDA and CE 1935/2004 approved, improves the sliding capacity and mounting of the food seals.
  • T-Coat PA® surface coating has 5 approvals for the European, Asian and American market (FDA, CE 1935/2004, UBA, W270, NSF H1 and WRAS) and improves likewise the sliding capacity and the mounting of the food seals.

The technical sales team and the engineering office remain at your disposal for further information on Techné’s sealing solutions for the food industry.

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