D-ring milk coupling seal

Thanks to its simple design, the Techné D-ring seal is an aseptic gasket widely used in the food and beverage industry, commonly known as the "dairy fitting gasket" or "DIN gasket".

It is designed for tube connections defined by various standards: 

  • DIN 11851
  • SMS
  • BS OD/BS4825-3

There are two D-ring profiles: the simple or semi-toric D-ring and the flanged D-ring. On request, we can produce D-ring seals in specific dimensions and other materials.

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The D-ring seal is mainly used in the food industry, particularly in dairy piping. 

A complete fitting consists of a threaded nose, a sleeve, a nut and a D-ring seal.

Materials and approvals

For its standard size ranges, Techné supplies D-rings in various elastomers and thermoplastics:

  • NBR blue
  • EPDM peroxide black
  • MVQ peroxide transparent
  • FKM black
  • FKM green
  • PTFE white

Other materials are available on request, to meet specific needs:

  • Elastomers metal detectable
  • PTFE metal detectable
  • PTFE Bio Tech
  • NBR grey
  • MVQ white or red

Techné compounds are developed in accordance with the regulatory requirements in force in many countries. Depending on the mix and color, the following approvals are available:

Food approvals:

  • FDA
  • CE 1935/2004
  • GB 4806.11 / GB 9685
  • BNIC / Cognac
  • 3A


  • FDA
  • USP VI

Drinking water:

  • ACS
  • UBA / W270
  • WRAS