CFB/CFF sintered bushings


Sintering is a manufacturing process during which powder is heated without melting it. Under the effect of the heat, the grains fuse together in a mould. The spaces between the fused grains are filled with oil. The final sintered bushing offers optimal sliding properties.

Techné produces two types of sintered bushings: The CFB sintered bronze bushing and the CFF sintered iron bushing. The two bushing types are self-lubricating. This means that they are mounted without additional lubricant and they do not need any maintenance.

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CFB sintered bronze bushings

Structure of the CFB sintered bushings:

  • Porous structure made of sintered bronze with an excellent friction coefficient
  • Made from impregnated oil


The CFB sintered bushing is used for applications with high linear speeds and loads, especially in small systems such as drills, screwdrivers, mixers and other household appliances.


CFF sintered iron bushings

Structure of the CFF sintered bushings:

  • Porous structure made from sintered iron
  • Made of impregnated mineral oil

An economical alternative to CFB, CFF supports a higher load but does not achieve the same performance in speed. It is therefore well-suited for heavy and oscillating applications or low-speed rotations.

Techné sintered bushings are used in both industrial and everyday products. They are utilized in household appliances, handheld tools, automotive applications, electric motors, or even in pneumatic tools.



Techné recommends the following mechanical characteristics for the use of CFB and CFF sintered bushings:

CFB & CFF_GB2.png

CFB & CFF_GB.png


Techné sintered bushings are well suited to rotating and oscillating applications. They can be used in translation, but quickly lose their effectiveness. Due to their porous structure, they cannot be used in a humid environment.