Hydraulic fittings and hydraulic hoses

Fittings for hydralic tubes or hoses are often used in the industry sector. As a result, maintenance work as well as the operating pressure are increasing and and the same time, the machines used in this sectore are becoming more and more efficient.

The seals used in hydraulic fittings must withstand the pressure and vibrations and provide resistance to intensive use under extreme conditions so that the sealing of the hydraulic tubes and hoses can be guaranteed.

Techné has a range of seals for different types of hydraulic fittings:

  • Steel fittings, brass fittings, or stainless steel fittings
  • Fittings for low pressure, fittings for high pressure
  • Fittings for manual assembly or fittings for automatic assembly
  • Fittings for hydraulic tubes
  • Fittings for hydraulic hoses
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Fields of application and products

Fittings for hydraulic tubes and hydraulic hoses are frequently used in the transport industry (trucks), in agricultural machines (front loaders, soil cultivators, harvesters, tractors), construction machines (bulldozers, backhoe loaders, excavators), in mining, shipping, military equipment and machine tools.

The seals are installed in hydraulic fittings that serve both static and dynamic applications. Techné designs and manufactures the seals for these specific applications. Techné's engineering department assists its customers in selecting the appropriate materials and profiles. Information such as the operating temperature, the pressure and the fluids in contact with the material are taken into account in order to offer a material mix that meets the customer's requirements.


Techné provides a wide range of seals for hydraulic fittings:

  • O-rings
  • Profile seals according to DIN 3869, DIN 3852, ISO 9974-2 :2000, ISO 1179-2 :2008
  • Back-up rings
  • Bonded seals TBS
  • Self-centering bonded seals TBS
  • Bonded seals KDS
  • CNC machined parts in PTFE
  • Hydraulic seals according to drawing
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Materials and approvals

Techné recommends the following materials for hydraulic seals:

  • NBR (nitrile rubber): NBR is the most widely used elastomer material in the hydraulic industry. The nitrile elastomer offers many advantages such as its excellent resistance to mineral oils and good abrasion resistance up to 90 °C.
  • HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile rubber): HNBR is very similar to NBR, but it differs in its temperature resistance (up to 150 °C) and its increased ozone and UV resistance.
  • FPM (fluoroelastomer): FPM offers very good compatibility with mineral and synthetic oils. It can be used at temperatures up to 250 °C.
  • TPU (polyurethane): Thermoplastic polyurethane is an excellent compromise between rubber and plastics. It has good mechanical properties and at the same time offers the elasticity which is necessary for sealing. Its excellent abrasion resistance and good pressure resistance make TPU one of the most widely used materials in the hydraulic industry for operating temperatures up to 90 °C.
  • EPDM: Despite its incompatibility with oils and greases, the elastomer rubber EPDM is used in hydraulic fittings which are in contact with media such as skydrol or glycol water during application.


Surface coatings

At its head office in Morancé (France), Techné provides surface coatings that improve the properties of the seals: improved sliding, easier assembly and mounting, identification, safety and customising.

  • T-Coat®: as an permanent or semi-permanent surface coating, the T-Coat® improves the natural sliding properties and the service life of the seals in static and dynamic applications. By using this surface coating, the original properties of the seals are maintained.
  • T-Surf®: ensures that the seals remain clean and are not contaminated, while the original properties of the material are maintained.
  • T-Color®: used for customising purposes. It also improves the sliding properties of the seals.