TY bushings

Les coussinets TY sont autolubrifiants et utilisés pour des applications à fortes charges.

TY bushings are self-lubricating and are used for high loads.​​​​​​​

Their composition is as follows:

  • A structural steel plate, externally protected by copper plating in order to increase heat dissipation
  • A sliding layer of porous sintered bronze in order to increase thermal conductivity and dimensional stability and to retain lubricant
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TY bushings have to be lubricated before being used. Lubrication is provided by grease (or oil) stored in the lubrication pockets. This creates a lubricant film that reduces friction at the beginning of the use. Thus TY bushes are well appropriated to oscillation motions.

Different types of TY bushings

TY-AS bushings

  • Spherical pockets for oil lubrication


TY-AL bushings

  • Diamond pockets for grease lubrication


TY-SA bushings

  • Without oil grooves
  • Used with constant oil lubrication, the bushing then features oil grooves for lubrication.


Techné recommends the following mechanical characteristics for the use of TY bushings:




  • Wide temperature range: -40 °C/+250 °C
  • Specific lubrication applications


  • Lubrication is mandatory


Les coussinets TY sont principalement utilisés dans des applications à forte charge. Ils sont présents dans les matériels de travaux publics, ainsi que dans les presses et laminoirs. Compacts, ils remplacent avantageusement les coussinets usinés en bronze.

TY bushings are mainly used for high loads. They are mainly found in construction machinery as well as in presses and rolling mills. TY bushings are compact and a good substitute for bronze bushings.