TPU, also called thermoplastic polyurethane, is a thermoplastic elastomer material that combines the elastic properties of elastomers and the mechanical properties of plastics.

The main properties of TPU are its excellent abrasion and wear resistance. Therefore, thermoplastic polyurethane is especially used for hydraulic and pneumatic applications in the form of CNC machined sealing parts and moulded sealing parts. TPU has good resistance to oils and greases, (but) it is less suitable for hot water applications.

Application fields and products


Two types of TPU material exist:

  • AU (polyester urethane) : The TPU material type AU is hydrolysis-sensitive, but offers very good oil resistance.
  • EU (polyether urethane) : TPU material type EU is not hydrolysis-sensitive, but offers lower oil resistance than polyester urethane (AU).

TPU is mainly used for the manufacturing of seals for hydraulic applications such as hydraulic cylinder seals.


Techné’s standard TPU material compound is red and is used for CNC machined seals. This TPU compound has several approvals:

  • FDA
  • CE 1935/2004
  • 3A


This list is not exhaustive. The Techné engineer office is at the disposal of the group's customers for further information. Specific approved TPU compounds can be developed on request.

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