Silicone, also called VMQ (vinyl methyl silicone), is the elastomer material with the widest temperature range of use (-50 °C to +200 °C). Silicone is suitable for applications with low and high temperatures and is appreciated for its good dielectric properties.

Platinum cured silicone (platinum VMQ) has numerous advantages compared to peroxide cured silicone: Platinum cured silicone does not turn yellow and offers higher tear and tensile strength.

gros plan sur bagues d'étanchéité de joints dynamiques

Fields of application and products


Silicone is mainly used in the food industry and for medical and pharmaceutical devices. Aseptic seals (clamps, D-rings, SMS seals and O-rings) are often made from silicone

Platinum cured silicone is preferably used in the food and beverage industries as well as for medical devices because it does not contain any peroxide byproducts.

However, silicone has low compatibility with oils and chemicals. Depending on the contact medium, Techné recommends seals in FVMQ (fluorosilicone) which have better resistance to these substances.


Matière MVQ (silicone)


Matière FVMQ


On request, Techné provides silicone (VMQ) with the following approvals:

  • FDA
  • CE 1935/2004
  • GB 4806 / GB 9685
  • USP VI
  • ACS
  • CLP
  • UBA
  • W270
  • EN 549


This list is not exhaustive. The Techné engineer office is at the disposal of the group's customers for further information. Specific approved VMQ compounds can be developed on request.

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