Chloroprene (CR) is a self-extinguishing elastomer material: It stops burning as soon as the flame or the heat source is removed. 

Chloroprene withstands outdoor conditions, ozone, and aging very well. CR is also highly resistant to oils and chemicals.

gros plan sur bagues d'étanchéité de joints dynamiques

Application fields and products


Chloroprene (CR) is used in electric applications where flame resistance is required. 

It is also resistant to Freon and can be used in marine applications.

Matière CR (chloroprène)


UL (Underwriters Laboratories) includes standards concerning the plastics’ flammability and ignition to electrical ignition sources. The principal existing approvals are:

  • UL 94
  • UL 746


This list is not exhaustive. The Techné engineer office can be contacted for further information. Specific approved chloroprene (CR) compounds can be developed on request.

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