FFKM (perfluoroelastomer)


FFKM (perfluoroelastomer) is especially appreciated for its resistance to very high temperatures (up to 330 °C) and its "universal" resistance to chemical substances (except for fluorinated substances such as Freon®). FFKM is the most expensive elastomer rubber and is therefore mainly used for extreme applications.

FFKM seals are specially manufactured at Créat, a French subsidiary of Techné.

gros plan sur bagues d'étanchéité de joints dynamiques


Fields of application and products


FFKM is mainly used in chemical and petrochemical industries where resistance to high temperature steam, colourants and lacquers is needed. FFKM is also the ideal material for aerospace applications.

Techné has special FFKM materials for applications with steam, biodiesel or liquid gas.

Matière FFKM


On request, Techne provides FPM material compounds with approvals:

  • FDA
  • CE 1935/2004
  • GB 4806 / GB 9685
  • 3A
  • USP VI
  • EN 549


This list is not exhaustive. The Techné engineer office is at the disposal (disposition) of the group's customers for further information. Specific approved FFKM compounds can be developed on request.

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