ACM (polyacryolate)



ACM, also known as polyacrylate rubber, is more resistant to ozone and weathering than nitrile rubber (NBR)

ACM is low resistant to water/humidity and acids. It can be used under low temperatures up to 10 °C.

Application fields and products

ACM is mainly used when a simultaneous resistance to heat and oil is necessary. ACM is often a cost-effective alternative to FPM, silicone (VMQ) FVMQ (fluorosilicone) in high temperature applications.

Due to its high resistance to hot oil, fuel, lubricants and hydraulic fluids, ACM is often used for the production of seals and can be found in vehicle transmissions. Thanks to its excellent elasticity ACM is also used for the production of silentblocs (for vibration damping).

The range of ACM material compounds includes more than 20 compounds with Shore A hardnesses from 50 to 80 in various colours (black, RAL colour according to customer requirement).

On request, Techné proposes specific ACM material compounds.

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