Siliconing machine

MachineInnovation 1/11/24

The siliconing machine designed by our intern! 

In the course of his studies, Gautier fully designed a machine aimed at automating the precise and uniform deposition of silicone in energized joints. The silicone stuffing serves to isolate the groove and prevent bacteria from contaminating the joint. These components are frequently utilized in production and filling machines for the agri-food industry.

The use of this robot has significantly enhanced the deposition quality while eliminating a manual task for our operators. The operator now only needs to enter the dimensions of the parts, the spring reference, and the quantity of parts, for the software, also created by Gautier, to generate a program executed by the machine.

Techné encourages and believes in its employees to innovate. The trust placed in Gautier has led to the creation of a machine that excels in the market while being adaptable and reprogrammable by our team.

Congratulations, Gautier, on your outstanding work!

Feel free to contact us for any siliconing requests!