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Rubber seals

Depending on the shape and application of the seals, they are made of injection or compression, some are dipped.


O-Rings: Available on stock from ID 0,4 mm to ID over 2000 mm, we dispatch each year more than 3 000 000 O-Rings across all models.

We have more than 10 000 references on stock, a hundred feasible mixtures according your requested applications and approvals.

Our range material is wide: NBR, FPM, MVQ, CR, ACM, FFKM, FMVQ, HNBR…

O-Rings can also be machined in the most popular materials: PTFE, Polyurethane, NBR, FKM…

We provide materials with appropriate agreements: FDA, 1934-2004, ACS, KTW, EN 549, USP VI… Others approvals are available according your demand. We manufacture also machined parts in PTFE, POM, PA and Polyurethane.

On request we can also provide O-Rings according to food (FDA, 1935/2004), gas, drinking water and medical approvals.

For aggressive environment such as use in contact with chemicals and perfumes, we can offer encapsulated O-rings (FEP and PFA)

Our O-Rings are also available as O-Rings boxes. We provide you too rope rolls in NBR, EPDM, FKM, MVQ red or translucent.

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Rotary seals: We provide more than 7000 references on stock. We can realize rotary machined seals for prototype or small series in elastomer or in PTFE.

We have also on stock mounting tracks for rotary seals.

Rotary seal is one of our speciality and today we can propose you more than 50 different profiles.

  • Single or double lips
  • Pressure resistant oil seal DL-HP
  • PTFE lip steel cage for high temperature, high speed and high pressure.

We provide also End Cap (TVK), Axial face seals (RB) and Speedy Sleeve.

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V-Seals: V-seals are secondary seals that work axially. They protect the mechanism from dirt or dust. Very low friction because of the little contact section.

We provide 4 different designs:

  • Type VA (the standard)
  • Type VS (bulkier than the VA, advised for small dimensions)
  • Type VL
  • Type VE (advised for big dimensions)

Our V-seals have a shaft from Ø 2.7 to Ø 2020.

In order to fall the friction coefficient or to provide mounting assistance for our V-seals, it’s possible to apply a high performance surface treatment developed by us.

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JT4 : It’s a four lobed double acting seal. Thanks to its symmetrical shape, it is energized by the pressure which increases the quality of the sealing. The shape of the JT4 is similar to 4 tangent O-Rings.

JT4 are also called Quad’rings or X’rings. They are available in NBR or FKM. In order to facilitate the sliding, our standard NBR includes a slip agent.

We can propose you other materials according to your need.

Do not hesitate to contact us for JT4 in FFKM or EPDM.

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JR Fitting seals: Techne JR fitting seals are used in male threaded connexions in hydraulic applications. Its simple shape allows a quick and easy mounting.

JR fitting seals are available in NBR, FKM and EPDM.

On request, we can produce also in FFKM.

Its dimensions are in accordance with the DIN 3869.

JR fitting seals in NBR are black and FKM ones are green.

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Hydraulic seals: We provide a wide range of hydraulic seals, from simplest profile to the more complex profile. For any special demand, our machining workshop can produce with very short delivery time and according to your need.

Our design office can help you in choosing the profile. We have standards profiles on stock.

Our range of products:

  • Rod seals
  • Piston seals
  • Composite seals
  • U-seals
  • Wipers
  • Backup ring
  • Energized seals

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Aseptic seals: They are widely used in food-processing, pharmaceutical and wine-producing industries.

We provide 3 different family profiles:

  • Clamp, clamp micro, clamp mini and PTFE enveloped clamp seal.
  • D-Ring milk coupling seals, standard or flanged
  • SMS seals, standard or flanged

Our profiles are available in NBR, FKM, EPDM Peroxide, MVQ, FKM and PTFE according to the standards SMS, DIN, ISO and USOD.

We can also produce special dimensions according to your application.

We have a wide range of approvals: FDA, ACS, KTW, WRAS, USP Class VI, 3 A, 1935/2004.

We machine PTFE enveloped clamp seal.

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Cut gaskets: thanks to our digital equipment we provide cutting gaskets production in 24/48 hours without tooling costs.

Prototypes, small, medium or bog series: we adapt cutting gaskets according to your needs.

We realize parts in accordance with drawing, models or specifications CAO/DAO to 1500 X 3000 mm in one piece.

We have more than 50 varieties of material on stock and we are equipped to answer all your standard or complex requests.

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Surface treatment


T-Surf® : Techne T-Surf treatment guarantees seals free from any contaminating substances which could damage paint or electric instruments.

They meet the cleanliness and non-contamination requirements of the electronic and automotive industry.

The original properties of the material- mechanical properties, alimentary and certifications- are preserved.


T-Color® : A coloured coating is applied on the part. Before doing so, the surface of the part is activated to ensure a better binding. This coating allows a better identification of the seals while maintaining the original properties of the elastomer.

This coating also improves the friction properties of the parts. The colour resists to dynamic and mechanical stress. Techne works with RAL and PANTONE colour charts. Try it!


T-Lub® : This surface treatment eases the mounting of the parts for a small additional cost.

The deposited lubrification agents are not physically linked with the material itself. After time, the treatment is less efficient. For all dynamic applications chose a T-coat solution.


T-Coat® : It is a half-permanent or permanent lubrification coating. These coating are able to meet simple mounting requirements or high stress dynamic applications. The parts will keep all their initial properties but with a lower friction coefficient and a better wear resistance. The stick-slip effect no longer occurs.

As for the T-Surf surface treatment, the T-Coat meets non-contamination regulations required in the automotive and electronic industry.

Drawing parts

Techne’s team is at your disposal to define your static or dynamic seal.

We are offering more than 1000 material datasheets according to your application, and flexibility of shapes and sizes.

Automotive seals, food seals, drinking water seals or seals for gas, etc. We adapt the materials to your business!

Our production sites in France and China used to offer small, medium and large series.


Bushing & Sliding


We provide a wide range of steel or sintered bushing according to the international standard ISO 3547.

Bushings are divided in two main families:

-Self-lubricating for dry running with PTFE coating

-For self-lubricating with greasing reserve (oil or grease)

We have more than 2000 profiles on stock. We are able to answer at all industries. Our technical department can also support the development of our special bearing.

In some cases we can offer polymer bushings.

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Machined parts


Techne realize all parts in the range of plastic, PTFE, POM, PEEK, PCTFE, PFA, PVDF, PU and elastomers (FKM, NBR, EPDM, HNBR and silicone)

We offer according to your request:

  • Approval materials (FDA, KTW, ACS, BGA, ect…)
  • A wide range of dimensions
  • A wide range of profiles
  • Drawing parts, out of standards
  • A wide range of materials on stock
  • A technical expertise according to your profile, your material and your application
  • Optimum dimensional stability thanks to our workshops and our air-conditioned stocks.

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