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The « 334701 All in One by Techné »: a unique solution for you tomorrow’s applications.

The 26/01/2017 to 11:06:54 Material focus

Techné has developed and certified its new EPDM in order to answer to the new requirements of the UBA.

Drink water: which certifications ? 

Certifications for drink water are different in all countries of European Union, there is any harmonization.

In France, we will talk about ACS certification, in England WRAS certification and in Germany we will talk about UBA and W270 certifications.

Since the first January 2017, UBA certification has replaced KTW certification. Since and of 2016, UBA has officially announced the extension of the use of peroxyde for 5 years provided that its will pass the new regulation.

Techné propose today the material “334701 All in One by Techné” (EPDM peroxyde black) developed in order to answer the different legislations for drinking water and especially UBA certification.

“334701 All in One “ is already accredited ACS and UBA. Ath the end of February it will also be certified WRAS and W270.


Drink water ... not only ! 

The « 334701 All in One » also has the particularity of being able to answer to several markets: not only for drink water but also for food and medical sectors.

“334701 All in one” is already approved 1935-2004 European Food and USP VI for medical sector.


What are the other advantages and legislations? 

The particularity of the « 334701 All in One “is the use of its new peroxyde generation which specifically answer to all new legislations. The fragant side often marked with peroxide is no longer an issue with “334701 All in One”

The “334701 All in One”, thanks to a specific carbon black material and a total plasticizer exemption, answer also to a AFPS-GS-2014-01 legislation regarding PAH (polyaromatic hydrocarbons). Today articles with one of the rubber components that get in touch with human skin and that contains more than 1 mg / kg (0.0001% by weight of the component concerned) of one of the PAHs cannot be placed on the market for sale to the public. The targeted applications are sport equipment, domestic and household utensils, toys and childcare articles.

Regarding other legislations, « 334701 All In One” answer to the REACH requirements and not contain SVHC (list of 173 substances, updated on 12 January 2017). It also answer to ROHS2 (including the 4 new substances which are phthalates) because it’s totally phthalate free.


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