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Techné equip itself with technical cleanliness devices

The 05/10/2017 to 15:00:00 Process

In order to provide the best answer to specifications of customers who are often ever more concerned about the cleanliness level of their parts, Techné decided to develop its skills and invest in the inspection method of particulate contamination detection and tehnical cleanliness.

What is the purpose of cleanliness inspection ?

The specification of a cleanliness level is often involved in the following cases:

  • Application with sanitary issues (health sector...)
  • Wish to preserve precision mechanisms (automotive injectors...)
  • When the fluids in contact with ou parts shall not be polluted (hydraulic applications...)
  • Etc.

Techné already has a strong knowledge in post treatment and washing of its parts ordered by customers demanding like the automotive industry or the medical sector. Today we want to go further and be able to quantify the cleanliness level of our parts.

Numerous sectors are concerned with more or less strict cleanliness specification. Among other sectors, automotive, aeronautical or medical industries pay more and more attention to technical cleanliness ussues, with various specifications and expectations.

That's why Techné developed its knowledge of the reference standards of the technical cleanliness: the ISO 16232 and the VDA 19.1. We are able to provide a better answer to every customer specific wishes.

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Techné's equipment

In order to answer to its customers' need, Techné has equipped itself with technical cleanliness inspection devices.

At the beginning of the year 2017, we have invested in dedicated devices, made by experienced companies linked to the cleanliness inspection and analysis sector. This way, we have entire control of the cleanliness control process.

  • Cleanliness Gläser ACM 17 (extraction of parties by spraying a solvent on parts)
  • Precision analytical balance Metler
  • Automatic analysis and counting microscope Olympus CIX90 (optical control)

The Gläser cleanliness cabinet lets us filter and recycle the analysis solvent with flows in a closed loop. The vapours extraction system guarantee the security of the operators. The Olympus microscope is working in a semi-automatic mode and allows a fest and repeatable inspection.

What is the cleanliness level we can reach ?

The cleanliness level of parts mostly depends on their geometry, which hold more or less particles and pollution.

We are able to define a cleanliness level based on the following criteria:

  • Pollutant mass (gravimetric analysis)
  • Size and number of particles
  • Particles nature

The inspection and analysis devices allow a fast and accurate control of the cleanliness level of our parts. For purposes of reliability and repeatability of our tests, these devices have been placed in a cleanroom. This guarantee the cleanliness of the devices and avoid to pollute our tests.

We are now able to perform and accurate inspection for parts with a cleanliness specification of a maximal particle size authorized of 400 microns ir a gravimetric specification of 5mg and we still improve our skills.


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