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New range of products at this end of year 2017

The 14/12/2017 to 15:00:00 New product

As of the end of 2017, Techné added a new range of O-rings to its catalog: the O-Ring Aseptic.

O-ring aseptique photo 2

O-RING ASEPTIC complies with DIN 11864-1 v.11.2008.

DIN 11864 has been developed for stainless steel fittings used in aseptic environments, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The tolerances of these O-rings also meet the ISO 3601.1 standard.

The pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and food industries require technical conditions but particularly quality products especially for fittings.

In addition to a high quality of material, they must not allow retention.

They must offer surfaces that are easy to clean and have a good sealing element to be sterilized

O-ring aseptiques bandeau

Techné offers on request:

The series:

  • A / DIN
  • B / ISO
  • C / USOD

In three grades of materials: EPDM, PTFE, FEP / FKM all FDA and USP Class VI approved.

O-ring aseptique matieres EN
O-ring aseptique tableau dimensions

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