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Techné takes a green color

The 04/02/2019 to 15:13:00 News

New Bio-based EPDM range in Techné

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Our planet needs you!

Because Techné wants to have a sustainable spirit, respect our planet is one of the seven points of our strategy. As customers, as companies and as men, we all need to get involved.

To replace non-sustainable based on petroleum component, Techné propose you its new range of « bio-based EPDM » made from cane sugar.

Why Bio-based?

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Ethanol used to make Ethylene is made from cane sugar. The obtained Ethylene is therefore 100% bio-based. After processing, our sealing parts made with this new range will contain on average 25% of bio-based component

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What are the main benefits of this new « bio-based » EPDM?

  • The Environmental impact:
    • Reduction petroleum products using
    • Carbon footprint is lower.
    • Bio-based Ethanol from cane sugar reduces greenhouse gases of 90%.
  • Our “bio-based EPDM” keep a very good level of mechanical properties which answer to the sealing application.
  • With this green chemistry, Techné can offer you all the hardness in its bio-based EDM range.

Our planet needs you!

For further information on our « bio-based EPDM », our sales/technical team is at your disposal.

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