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Sebastien Tissot's Interview

The 12/04/2022 to 18:00:26 News

Today we are going to meet Sébastien Tissot, who has worked in the reception department at Techné for 19 years. Through him, we will discover the fundamental role of this department for Techné.

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How long have you been with Techné?

I joined Techné 19 years ago

What is your job title?

I work in the reception area

Can you tell us more about your missions?

My role is to welcome the carriers, unload the arrivals from the containers and pack them, to check the conformity of our deliveries and to report any problems if necessary. We are also in charge of controlling the quality of arrivals.

Introduce us your department

I work in the reception department, which is composed of 6 people. The aim of the reception department is to validate the daily arrivals of packages as quickly as possible, which are then passed on to the logistics and shipping department.

If you had to describe your department in 3 words?

To describe my department in three words, I would say teamwork and solidarity between the different areas of the shop to ensure that the reception and dispatch of parcels is as efficient as possible.

Then I would say procedure, because we have many procedures to respect in our job, whether it be in terms of security, control or the environment.

Finally, I would choose flexibility, because we have to adapt every day to the quantity of parcels that arrive. Moreover, with the transport delays linked to Covid and the Ukrainian crisis, it is difficult to anticipate the number of parcels that we will have to receive.


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