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Patrick Pauget's Interview

The 22/07/2022 to 16:00:24 News

Today we present you the portrait of Patric Pauget, buyer at Techné since 1 year. Through him you will discover our purchasing department with its specificities and constraints.

How long have you been with Techné?

I joined Techné in July 2021

What is your job title?

I work in the purchasing department

Can you tell us more about your missions?

My missions are quite numerous, they can be divided into two axes. The external axis where we have to look for new partners and maintain the relationship with them, especially in these complicated times.

Secondly, we intervene internally, we have to help our teams in their customer development projects to ensure that Techné performs well in terms of deadlines, prices and quality.

Introduce us to your department

Techné's purchasing department is made up of 6 buyers and 1 alternating student, and we will soon be 7.

We are divided by product type and we work all over the world in order to have access to our partners' information.

If you had to describe your department in 3 words?

For me, the first word is anticipation, with the current world economic situation we are obliged to anticipate our needs in materials so as not to find ourselves in shortage, for example.

Then I would say solidarity, because we have to be shoulder to shoulder to always respond to our customers in the best possible way and be as close as possible to the reality of the market.

Finally, I would say dynamism, because in all our jobs you have to keep your chin up, move forward and keep smiling.


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