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Sealing training: a collaboration between Techné, CETIM and Artema

The 18/03/2016 to 14:10:51 Training

Techné presents a training « Sealing for hydraulic & pneumatic systems » in collaboration with Artema and CETIM. This training is now available on the CETIM catalogue and the first session will take place the 8th and 9th of June 2016 in Nantes (France).

Training project actors 

Artema, a representative syndicate for mechatronic industrials 


Artema is the representative syndicate for mechatronic industrials. Today, it represents 120 companies (including Techné) from 7 different areas such as sealing, mechanical transmissions, mechatronic, bearing, gears, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission.

One of the main purpose of the syndicate is to develop technical research and customer’s information. Artema has various partnerships with schools – universities – standardization offices – CETIM… with which different projects are made.

CETIM, Technical Center for Mechanical Industries 


The CETIM is the technical center for mechanical industries. It makes the link between R&D and industrials to innovate, standardize, make some tests and to support industries with new projects. The CETIM also offer a large range of trainings to develop industrials competencies and make technologies evolve. Artema and the CETIM work together on collective projects. One of those project, commonly approved last year is to offer a new training: « Sealing for hydraulic & pneumatic systems ».

Techné, hydraulic and pneumatic sealing expert


Techné has, since more than 30 years, gained a strong experience in the sealing field for various areas such as hydraulic and pneumatic. As an active member of Artema, Techné has wanted to participate, with 3 others members, in this new training project.

The training - Sealing for hydraulic & pneumatic systems


The training objectives are:

  • To know dynamic sealing technology basis
  • To understand the influence of the main functioning parameters of hydraulic and pneumatic sealing.
  • To draft technical specifications
  • To implement selection and analyse methodologies of sealing systems

This training includes theoretical times then a practical application of the concepts presented through case studies.

Are concerned: Engineers and Design office technicians, Hydraulic and Pneumatic actuator manufacturers and users.


  • Dynamic sealing systems introduction.
  • Environment and applications influence on the choice of a hydraulic and pneumatic sealing solution.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic sealing phenomenology.
  • Presentation of the different hydraulic and pneumatic sealing solutions
  • Description of typical seals damages and related causes.

Training sessions and inscriptions

Nantes (France): from June 8, 2016 to June 9, 2016 – Public price: 1280 € HT
Nantes (France): from November 9, 2016 to November 10, 2016 – Public price: 1280 € HT

=> Details and inscriptions on CETIM website.


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