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Techne is eqquiped with a numerical simulation tool: ABAQUS

The 07/09/2016 to 15:00:00 News

ABAQUS is a software suite for finite element analysis belongs to Simulia edited by Dassault Systèmes. ABAQUS is widely used in automotive, aerospace and industrial products industries due to a wide analysis capabilities and its good ergonomic.

It’s often difficult to predict a rubber sealing system behavior through an application according to all constraints (pressure, temperature, speed…) to optimize the sealing function, it is necessary to test in real conditions 2 or 3 different solutions. The simulation allows limiting physical prototyping in development step which are frequently long and expensive.

Techne is equipped with this simulation software to support its customers and answer to their requirements specifications which are more and more complex. Optimization studies can be managed in order to reach desired requirements. Techne can realize comparative studies on several seal designs to provide an efficient result. It’s a tool to help design enrolling in the development digitalization logic.


The rubber simulations are in a non-linear domain in opposition to metals. This complex behavior needs a specific characterization of the material according to customers’ application (temperature, time, speed) in order to represent the best behavior as possible.

Techne has several materials characterized as complex mathematical laws.

Depending on customers’ needs, Techne can obtain different results:

  • Stress values: in materials, contact pressure on rigid part
  • Stress / strain curve depending on system state
  • Displacement measure

Example: O-ring - Axial compression and pressure 

Example: Rod U ring - Assembly, rod positioning and pressure


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