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Techné is developing a range of elastomers platinium cured silicone

The 09/12/2016 to 12:00:52 Product

Techné offers a range of platinum cured silicone elastomers for the pharmaceutical, medical, food and cosmetics industries.

Generally, standard silicone elastomers are combined with a peroxide catalyst. In recent years, the peroxide was pointed in the food, medical and pharmaceutical due to its strong smell and the issuance of peroxide residues.

Thereby Techné has developed a range of silicone elastomers with a platinum catalyst. These have various interests compared to the crosslinking peroxide.


What the crosslinked silicone platinum?

Platinum is a rare and precious metal in nature due to its physical and chemical properties. It is a neutral metal, safe for contact with the human body. Moreover, it is particularly heat stable because its melts only from 1750°C.

Silicones crosslinked platinum can withstand to higher temperatures than the peroxide silicones, which has a temperature resistance at 250°C.

What are the advantages of the platinum cured silicone?

The first benefit of platinum: it’s an odorless metal and so do not give special taste to food.

Moreover, no residual peroxide is released. Therefore, the VOC (Volatile Organic Component which can easily be found in gaseous form in the atmosphere) is much lower.

Another advantage, the color is not affected by the post-curing. The transparent silicone does not become yellow.

Processability and demoulding are easily and the curing time are greatly reduced.

Manufacturing Process


The crosslinked silicone platinum requires very special storage conditions which should not exceed + 30 ° C. Also, be careful to contamination of the material over the entire production line.

Therefore Techné offers a very special production process: The parts are molded in a clean room and can be washed and packed according your sterile requirements.

Field of application

  • Cosmetics and Food: with its neutrality, platinum prevents an excessive release of taste and odor in food and cosmetics.
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical: The neutrality of platinum cured silicone allows being in contact with the human body resulting in no danger and no contamination.

Approvals and materials: 


For this kind of material, we can offer various approvals: FDA / USP VI and 1935-2004. Techné has the transparent and white in the following subjects:

  • MVQ Translucent 50 IRHD (under the material datasheet 334602)
  • MVQ Translucent 80 IRHD (under the material datasheet 334603)
  • MVQ White 80 IRHD (under the material data sheet 334536).

Other developments are available on request.

Techné currently has all USOD dimensions on stock from 1/2 "to 4".

For more information on products and materials, please contact us


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