Sealing solutions for motors and gears

Motors and Gears


Every day for the past 30 years, Techné has developed its knowledge in designing, manufacturing and selling of sealing solutions for motors and gears.



Heat engines or electric motors, various applications work with motors. We will find them into transport vehicles (car, plane, boat, ...), into motor-driven manual tools (drill, mower, chainsaw, ...), household appliances (washing machine, blender, ...) as well as into fixed installations (elevator, ski lift, industrial pump, ...).

Main compounds used into sealing solutions dedicated to motors and gears


The nitrile (NBR), because of its excellent oil resistance, low price and good mechanical properties, is the most used rubber.

Techné has a number of specifics NBRs:

  • With enhanced wear resistance
  • Ozone resistant
  • Low temperature (-40°C / -50°C)

FKM (fluoro elastomer) is the reference rubber when high temperature or when chemical resistance is needed. I

It is very resistant to UVs, ozone and outside conditions. It is also very resistant to oils as well as fuels.

Techné has a number of specific FKM for steam water, biodiesels, LPG, ..., applications.

For further infomrations about our compounds (specific compounds, particular application, material data sheet, ...), please contact our technical department.

Techné's developments


Technical department

Our qualified engineers are in charge of the continuous improvement of our products through new profiles, compounds and of course new manufacturing processes.

Test and control laboratory

Techné has within the group, several facilities among which are our testing and control laboratories. So we have the possibility to control every single part we deliver and if necessary run some additional tests to identify of develop items.


The dedicated department to surface treatments can now propose solutions with certifications in order not to denature the item quality but to improve its characteristics.

Our products


For specific needs, thank you to contact our technical department:


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