Sealing solutions for peneumatic applications

Sealing solutions for pneumatic applications


For all pneumatic applications which combine high linear speed, miniaturisation, high performance sealing or intense use, Techné provides high performance seals, with innovative designs that will meet your demands.

An ISO TS 16949 certified factory, some efficient inspection tools, an experienced technical team, Techné has all assets to support customers' developments.



You will find our seals in various penumatic applications such as:

  • Box seals for differential distributor with fixing joggle
  • ZOP profile seals for high speed application with little available space
  • Precision lip seals guaranteed without burr
  • ...

Inspection by automatic sorting machine


Techné performs on customer demand a 100% sorting on revolution parts, for applications with ppm quality levels commitments.

Feasible for parts with a:

  • Minimum outside diameter of 5mm
  • Maximum outside diameter of 55mm
  • Minimum height of 1mm
  • Maximum height of 8mm

Surface treatments


Easy installation, cleanliness, low friction, identification, customisation, improved service life and sliding properties are just as important as the sealing itself. In these cases, Techné becomes the best partner with its surface treatment:

  • T-Surf: Cleanliness, LABS-frei quality
  • T-Color: Identification, security and design
  • T-Lub: Reduced efforts, automatic mounting, time saving, economic
  • T-Coat: Performance, service life, energy saving, dynamic applications

=> Learn more about our surface treatments

Specific packaging

In order to avoid parts deformation, Techné offers specicific packages such as:

  • Bags filled with air
  • Spacers adapted
  • Parts grouped together and embedded in protective paper, then placed in opaque bags
  • Thin PVC or PET thermoformed gauges.

For applications requiring very clean parts, we can also package your parts in our cleanroom. In these case Techné uses a double bagging.

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