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Food, gas and water metering have common characteristics. They all need dimensional accuracy, reliability, service life and respect of national and international regulations.

Techné offers seals to meet these requirements with a wide range of homologations from different countries worldwide.

Water & Gas certifications

Water and gas applications require certified compounds in the respect of national and international regulations. We develop our compounds in order to best comply with the market expectations.

Drinkable water regulations apply both on material equipment and on the equipment itself. Therefore, the choice of the material is essential but other characteristics must be considered, like the compression set for example.

Concerning gaz, we have to make sure that the compound used meet mecanical requirements and compatibility.

In such objective, Techné offers a large range of certified materials:


Surface treatments


Easy installation, cleanliness, low friction, identification, customisation, improved service life and sliding properties are just as important as the sealing itself. In these cases, Techné becomes the best partner with its surface treatment.

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Water & Gaz applications


You will find our seals into various applications, such as:

  • Complete sets of seals for gas safety valves
  • Valve seals in NBR material and homologation EN 549 and EN 682
  • Many moulded seals in EPDM 334137 material which combine key European drinking water homologations.
  • ...

Our Water & Gas seals


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