Sustainable Development

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Our main principles


Making a commitment on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aim at improving the role of Men and the protection of the planet in a economic activity, so that the performance of the company, is not only economic any more but global. In that way, our strategy is based on 3 principles :

  • Reduce our ecological impact and help our customers and suppliers to do the same.
  • Build long-lasting customer relationships with our customers by bringing them solutions to reach their goals.
  • Strengthen our long term relationships by emphasizing the Human Relations and the Development.

A collective commitment


A governance at the service of Human...

  • A diversification strategy to ensure the continuity of the business: Maximum 25% of sales by sector and 5% of sales for a client
  • A massive a continuous investment: Over 2 million investments in 4 years
  • A collective pay policy
  • Employees are allowed to become shareholders and owners of Techné's buildings : a "Responsible Saving" with the creation of three SCI (= property investment company). the respect of Human Rights...

  • Nondiscrimination men/women and diversity: 57% of women in the executive committee of the group and 14 nationalities represented among employees
  • A plan for older workers
  • A lot of alternate trainee post : 17 work & study posts in 2015
  • A major role in the development of local employment through our situation in rural area
  • Work with adult training centers and reintegration centers
  • Implementation of a control process with all our partners for the compliance of Human Rights

...and working conditions

  • Flexible working hours and arranged week schedules: 3 employees in telework
  • Techné participates in the financing of leisure activities and services to its staff: 2% of payroll spent on training
  • A strong commitment on in-service training and skills development
  • Techné commits on a hardship agreement
  • A commitment to promote internal mobility

A social involvement

  • Techné entrusts the purchase and maintenance of its bikes to a reintegartion center
  • Active member of professional union ARTEMA
  • We organize open doors for students, local residents and for employees' families
  • A commitment, since 2004, in several humanitarian and charities projects: 2300kg of donation to Morocco, 4700 propagules of mangrove planted in Benin, ...

Customers' requests

  • Elimination of substances harmful to health in materials
  • Transparency in order taking
  • A particulary care of customers' claims
  • We encourage customers to visit the company
  • We commit to integrate sustainable development criterias in the measure of Customer Satisfaction

Good business practices

  • Practice-oriented approach by customer type
  • Close relationships with our customers through our subsidiaries Techné Shanghai and Techné Turkey
  • A business ethics approach
  • A will to support our partners in the long term: 25% of our customers are our partners for more than 20 years
  • Implementation of a responsible purchasing approach

Environmental care

  • We recycle our wastes: 99,8% of waste recycled
  • Photovoltaic cells on our new buildings
  • Inland waterway transport for our containers
  • Free of charge electric charging station to our employees and to our visitor's car.
  • 100% of sales rep. trained in eco driving
  • We commit to educate our employees to eco-gestures and to control our energy consumption

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