Warehousing rules for the sliding and sealing parts

Storage rules

Please find below our general storage rules. For further information please take note of the standards, especially the ISO 2230.

  • The sealing products have to be stored in lightproof and impermeable bags and in a moderately airy environment.
  • The storage temperatures have to be between -5°C and +25°C. Otherwise, the products will be ageing prematurely.
  • The temperature of products which have become cold has to be increased progressively till 20°C during a long time span before they can be used.
  • Seals and guiding rings have not to be stored in a humid environment and condensation has to be avoided. The optimal humidity level has to be between 45 and 70 %.
  • The products have to be protected from light and especially from UV radiation.
  • Moreover, ozone is particularly harmful, therefore the sealing products have not to be a in an ozone radiating environment (examples: fluorescent lamps, electric motors etc.)
  • Finally, the products have to be stocked without any traction or compression nor any type of deformation.

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