Equality Index 2023

Human ressources 3/1/24

With an index of 93/100, we are demonstrating our commitment to gender equality within our company:

Indicator 1: 33/40
This year, comparing all employees, our analysis reveals a relatively small gender pay gap, with 4.7% in favour of women.
We note that in the categories where calculation is possible (6 out of 16), there is a pay gap of 6.8% in favour of men.

Indicator 2: 35/35
Our pay increase policy has achieved a perfect score in terms of the fair distribution between men and women.

Indicator 3: 15/15
Female employees on maternity leave during the pay rise period were treated fairly by also receiving a pay rise.


Indicator 4: 10/10
Of the 10 highest earners, 4 are women and 6 are men.

At Techné, we support a corporate culture that values the skills, performance, responsibility and commitment of every employee, giving everyone the opportunity to fulfil their potential and contribute fully to our collective success, whatever their gender.