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The 23/04/2019 to 13:56:32 News

4 information to remember about natural rubber

Natural rubber cultivation in Thaïland

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Did you know that Thailand is the world's leading producer and exporter of natural rubber? With 30% of the world production, its harvest mobilizes 1.5 million farmers. The production, trade and processing of natural rubber supports 10% of the Thai population.


Did you know that one hectare of Hevea produces 2 000 kg latex per year? It represents 5 to 7 kg per tree. Heveas start producing latex after 5 to 6 years and during about 25 years.

To harvest latex, farmers take off the bark of the tree on the half of its circumference, then make a deep bleeding on the trunk with a special knife. The slits are usually performed at night: latex flows better while the temperature goes down. Every night a farmer bleeds 1 000 trees.

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Application with natural rubber

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Did you know that 70% of natural rubber is used to manufacture tires? It is also used in bumpers, conveyor belts, gloves, condoms, balloons, boots …

Hevea's Challenge in Techné

In 2018, after a challenge of 4 years, 110 employees of Techné went to visit Hevea plantations in Thailand. A very special time was shared with the local population to bleed and collect latex. It was also the occasion to make a trip to discover the culture of the country.

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