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The parent company of the group, Techné, was founded by Georges Fontaines in 1981. Initially a trading company, Techné shifted its focus at the end of the 1980s, transitioning towards the production of machined seals, bearings, and custom-made seals.

Techné maintains a significant inventory of standard seals (O-rings, rotary shaft seals) and bushings. The company is well-regarded for its expertise in the production of machined seals with specific profiles, as well as in the production of custom-molded seals. Techné also houses a coating workshop.

In 2004, Techné established its Chinese production site, TTRC. After 20 years as TTRC, the production site relocated in 2023, adopting its new name, TDG (Techné DongGuan).

At its production facility, Techné primarily manufactures aseptic parts, profile seals DIN 3869, parts as per drawing, and O-rings.



Initially established in Europe and later expanding into Asia, Techné makes significant investments in group companies to enhance and modernize its areas of expertise, ensuring the best possible response to customer expectations.

In 2004, Techné opened a competence center in Shanghai, China, and in 2013, a commercial office in Istanbul, Turkey.


The company Chromex is based in Etréchy close to Paris and joined the Techné group in 2004. Specialized in cut and hydraulic seals, the company offers a wide range of sealing solutions to meet your needs promptly.

Chromex is the specialist in France for the custom production of kits that include multiple products under a single reference. The company is also a producer of cut seals, particularly in elastomer, plastic, and fiber materials.


Established in 1988, Créat is based in Pommiers next to Lyon and offers its customers a wide range of standard or custom-made sealing solutions. Specialized in molded parts, Créat operates in four major sectors: aerospace, railways, precision, and industry.

In January 2015, Créat joined the Techné group to continue its growth. Créat is the French solution for the manufacturing of custom-molded seals with short lead times.


H+Valves has been part of the Techné group since 2006 and specializes in the field of safety valves and sampling valves. With its expertise, the company based in Pommiers next to Lyon offers its customers a wide range of safety products, including flame arresters, coated valves (PTFE, PFA, ceramic), tank inerting or pressurization systems, and rupture discs.

H+Valves oversees the entire commissioning process (R&D, machining and testing, assembly, and installation adjustment).



Founded in 1950 in Milan, Rampini is a company specialized in valves. Its acquisition by H+Valves in 2010 led to its integration into the valve section of the Techné Group.

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