Participative management

Autonomy, Transparency, and Participation

Georges Fontaines, the founder of the group, bet on the human factor from the very inception of the company. 40 years later, the team leading Techné remains faithful to these values: the success of the company relies on a strategy that combines autonomy, transparent information, and participative management.

Techné's social policy relies on a blend of experience and youth, diversity, and employee empowerment. Both women and men have a voice, evolution needs are taken into account, and the leadership team remains stable and responsible.

Techné's compensation system clearly reflects the values of its leaders: employees are linked to the company's results, and empowering systems are highlighted:

  • Individualized commissions

  • Profit-sharing agreement

  • Company Savings Plan

  • Several SCIs (Sociétés Civiles Immobilières) in which employees hold shares

Continuous Investment

Since its inception, Techné has invested in its most precious resource: the company's employees. Techné hires to support its growth, thus actively contributing to the economic development of the region. Continuous training constitutes a significant investment category: 3% of the payroll is spent each year to maintain and enhance the qualifications of the group's employees.

Techné manufactures in its factories in France and Asia and therefore requires functional and high-performance machinery. The renewal of the production tools, the acquisition of new innovative machines, is a substantial part of the company's investments. In addition to production, Techné invests in 100% automated control and inspection tools to ensure the delivery of high-quality parts to its customers.

Techné recently revamped its entire logistics chain and made substantial investments to increase storage capacity in its buildings and the quantity of orders shipped.

Ensuring the continuity of services to the group's clients relies heavily on the security of the IT infrastructure. Techné relies on its IT department, responsible for program development, and external partners to prevent any external attacks.


Business ethics

Ethics play a significant role in Techné's business strategies. The group has established a charter, signed by all partner factories of the group. This charter outlines the ethical values and principles to which Techné is committed and that the company undertakes to uphold.

Furthermore, Techné has made the decision not to operate in certain markets that do not align with its values. This strategy demonstrates the company's commitment to engaging in responsible and sustainable business practices. The Techné group thus aims to actively contribute to the creation of a fairer and more just world.

Techné has also implemented a "whistleblower protocol," allowing every employee who witnesses actions contrary to the group's values to report them. This approach ensures transparency and accountability in all activities. Techné also encourages employees to act ethically and responsibly in their work.

The business strategy of Techné is built upon strong values and assumed social responsibility. The group commits to working with partners who share the same values, operating in ethical markets, and promoting transparency and accountability in all its activities.

Customer relationship

Customer relations lie at the heart of Techné's operations. Following the principle that "the success of the company relies on the satisfaction of its customers," Techné considers each customer relationship as unique and responsive to specific needs.

Flexible, reactive, and specialized sales teams have been formed to effectively address client requests. This approach allows for a thorough understanding and anticipation of the expectations of Techné's customer-partners, providing them with tailored solutions.

The Techné group takes pride in its expertise in custom parts: over 40% of the produced parts adhere to plans or specifications outlining specific usage conditions. A team of expert technicians and 40 years of know-how support the projects of the company's clients.

Communication is a key factor in the success of a project: visits, video conferences, and regular calls from sales and technical teams ensure personalized customer support, contributing to a successful partnership. The group's factories are also open to customer visits, enabling them to better understand the processes of development, production, and quality control of the parts.