For over 40 years, the company, established in 1981, has been building and developing strong expertise in the fields of sealing and sliding, achieved through a diversification that is now its strength.

Technical and human investments, along with external growth, enable Techné to be a reliable partner for numerous leading companies in demanding sectors, while preserving the historical and managerial values of a family-owned group with an international focus.


Techné is investing in Europe and Asia to modernize its production tools and best support its clients in their evolution. 

The company is implementing environmentally and socially responsible development policies to cultivate the expertise that its clients will need in the future.


Techné relies on state-of-the-art technologies:

  • Innovative product design, material development, and R&D support for clients
  • Diversified production in France and Asia
  • Quality control tailored to client needs, a fully automated inspection room, and digital certificates
  • A secure, modern, and fast logistics organization
  • Cutting-edge sales support with experienced staff
  • Internal IT developments

All of this is geared toward one goal: customer satisfaction.


Our mission

Providing a secure solution to our clients through the flexibility and autonomy of our teams.



Techné has developed while adhering to strong values and relying on three essential pillars:

TECHNE aims to be an innovative company. Its policy seeks to perpetuate a culture of innovation within a framework of continuous improvement:

  • Innovation in processes to optimize responsiveness in delivery, the utilization of natural resources, and profitability.
  • Innovation in relationships with stakeholders: TECHNE advances in digitalization while maintaining essential human interactions, pivotal for stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Product innovation through customer-centricity and within the context of ever-demanding regulations.

Precision lies at the core of TECHNE's concerns: 

  • Product precision through an ever-heightening mastery of quality 
  • Precision in provided timelines 
  • Precision in information and customer advice 
  • Precision in quality indicators and adherence to regulations

  • Responsibility towards the world bequeathed to future generations: Behaviours that preserve the environment and reduce TECHNE Group's carbon footprint are advocated. 
  • Responsibility towards the men and women comprising the TECHNE teams: through embracing diversity, ensuring workplace safety, and fostering a culture of learning.


TECHNE continues to rely on its teams, nurturing skills, promoting dialogue, flexibility, and well-being in the workplace.